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November 24, 2006

Is it worth the effort?? This is the question I was asking myself...I'm new to this blog may be I'm missing something here...
Guys I put in effort here which I hope you would find's my humble request to the visitor to leave a line or two to lemme know how did ya find the stuff here...and may be a suggestion or two to improve upon it...and what more would be of interest.
I see my visitor count increasing, but I've not got many critical comments. Please help me help you and all the future GMAT takers. I feel good after I post and look forward eagerly for suggestions. Your contribution will be appreciated. :-)

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  1. To my mind, most of your visitors come to your site via the "next blog" button. At least, that's how I came along. That said, not every blog is of interest to every visitor. Frankly, after some closer look there's nothing here for me. Just wanted to comment because of your appeal.

    Anyway, happy blogging. There sure are others out there which may be interested in the content you're providing here.

  2. lol...thanx jc...u made me happy :-)

  3. Anonymous2:26 AM

    Hi mukul I found ur blog thru pagalguy.
    Your formula list seems great...

  4. hey cquest!

    Nice to know you found it useful...I actually found it somewhere..made some changes and published it...

    ATB...i'm sure you will rock..

  5. hey mukul...your blog rocks...well am taking GMAT soon...taken your advice and got the books you prescribed...:-)
    cheers and carry your good work..ill be a regular visitor here

  6. Hey thinley!!

    U've made my day!! Thanx buddy!! I am so happy this blog has found its place!! I will keep it updating with every detail that crosses my mind...


  7. hey mukul...infact i just bought the official guide today solely on the strenght of your reccomendation...

    planning to buy kaplan too...what do you suggest? ...think i won't take the coaching classes...they are too expensive...some 24,000/= plus...i think your blog's seriously worth more than those buisness machines...:-)

    keen on phd in management..already have a BE from BIT and mba from delhi univ and 3 years management work ex...

    guess my application process gonna be slighlty different...less seats to apply to and more competitive...

    am considering applying 15 schools...with only 2-3 slots per school i have no option...whats do you suggest?

    anyways a good gmat always i get started...the gyan i need will come from your blog so do keep it updated...:-)

    thanks again ae indded doing a great service :-) for the coaching classes what can i say...they now have competition :-)


    p.s i reccomended your blog to a friend of mine and even he says its realy great

  8. NO coaching classes!! they are worthless...u can get the material they provide anywhere...self study is the key here!!

    Kaplan 800 is great...all the books i hav recommmended are great!! I can take a guarantee on that...if u feel they are useless...i will buy them from you :-D


  9. Thanx for the good encouraging long post...its highly appreciated :-)

  10. Keep posting comments guys!!

  11. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Hey Mukul,

    Who says your blog is not worth a good comment? I have been reading it as a secret admirer for a long time, and really enjoy it, it is real and straight. I think it is a very informative blog. I think people nowayadays have gotten too busy and try to cut time where they can, but your visitor count in awesome. I think your inspiration should come from within you. I am sure your blog will find it's niche.
    Happy blogging!


  12. Anonymous2:49 AM

    very useful info here
    thanks a ton

  13. Anonymous7:11 AM

    nicely compiled!

  14. Anonymous5:20 AM

    Great Effort keep it going!!

  15. Anonymous2:19 PM

    I think what you are doing here is great. I am new to this site, so I will be posting more comments as time goes on.


  16. Mukul,Thanks a ton for yr effort of making this page so structured and useful.....I am using yr page for my study reference...cheers !

  17. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Hey Mukul, really appreciate the efforts you have put in setting up a compedium of sorts ! Keep up the good work! and as for the lack of comments, uhmm well..dont bother! sure there are lots around there, who have read what you've written, been inspired and done wonders just like you.. :-) ..

  18. hey, ur blog is very useful for prep thankx man

  19. Dont let a nasty comment here or there put you down ...You are doing an absolutely FANTABULOUS job here ! Keep at it !!

  20. Wow!!!!!

    Thanx guys!! Adjectives like FANTABULOUS make my day!! Thanks a ton!! Appreciate u ppl dropping in to comment!!

    I am very happy to help anyone who is serious bout crackin the GMAT.
    i do get lotsa comments now...thanks!!

  21. I just wish I had seen your site 2 months ago! I gave the gmat today and got a 650. Needless to say I'm totally disappointed. Anyhoo, I'm giving it another shot in 2 months; I'm going to follow your strategy to the core. Cya!

  22. Anonymous1:17 AM

    He Mukul,

    I have been searching for OG 10 (soft copy) since last 15 it here buddy..god bless you..even I found your OG grid a very useful concept/tool..ur blog is really well formulated one..a great help for me..and thanks a ton

  23. Hi Mukul,
    I can see the effort you have made in disseminating the experience of GMAT to people like me, unaware of preparing for the GMAT, so found it useful.
    Keep Updating, would visit soon

  24. Really cool Blog...and really really helpful..thanks for all the info....

  25. Describing your blog as just useful would be an understatement.....loads of info, tips, tricks and links to some other gr8 sites makes your site a MUST VISIT site for all GMAT test takers..........
    Keep up the good work !!!!!!

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  27. thats pretty amazing , i try this test by my self and its damm hard,
    hope in my secend chance i will have more luck
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