GMAT Preparation Guide ... A Detailed Schedule for Two Months....PART II

March 07, 2008

So here we meet again!!! So you have completed one month of prepping and now you are ready for the next step!!!
This is gonna be super know why?? Simply because this month we will go to the next level of serious prepping (not that you can afford not to be serious in the first month :-D ). This month we will target Kaplan 800, redo the OG and take as many tests as possible. And then you can happily go and crack the GMAT !

A small summary will help at this point of time. Last two weeks...test marathon (including sectional tests). First two weeks will be devoted to finish the kaplan 800, redo the Tough+Medium OG questions and revise your notes.

============== WEEK FIVE ================

Day 29 :
Arrange all the new books on your table. Pick up Kaplan 800. Start RC section. And finish it from start to end. Make notes, grids and all the jazz I have mentioned earlier. Make Flashcards for RC tricks and tips and stick it!

Day 30 :
Ditto for PS.

Day 31 :
Ditto for SC.

Day 32 :
Ditto for CR. But but but...also take out the AWA document I have provided. And go through it.

Day 33 :
Today also we will do CR and AWA. MAke notes from the AWA document and learn them by heart. Write two sets of AWA essays, i.e. 4 essays (2 argument and 2 issue)

Day 34 :
Start DS. And finish it from start to end. Make notes, grids and all the jazz I have mentioned earlier. Make Flashcards for DS and tips and stick it!

Day 35 :
Revise everything. Do the questions again which you missed the first time. Or if you have any confusion, just get it clarified.


So this week you finished the toughest book in stores for GMAT. Feel good and satisfied. Go through all the new things you learnt and revise your notes. Analyse whats going good/bad with your prep. How much more you need to put in. Things like that. ATB.

============== WEEK SIX ================

Day 36 :

Take out your OG grid and OG. Make a list (or get out the print out) of all the questions you did wrong on the first go (Last month when you did the OG) for all the sections.

Then take the SC section and side-by-side open the SC section of the Kaplan 800 for reference. Then solve the questions from that list. And hey here I am assuming you will at max get 100 questions wrong and so you should be able to do it in one day. If your work pressure is too much, then do something about it. No one can help you with that except yourself!

Day 37 : Do the same thing for the CR section.

Day 38 : Do the same thing for the RC section.

Day 39 : Do the same thing for the PS section.

Day 40 : Do the same thing for the DS section.

Day 41 : Write 3 sets of essays for AWA section. Take help from the AWA doc.

Day 42 :Do whatever you want to. Take a chill pill. Sit down on a chair facing the window and in your mind go through all the SC rules in your mind. Think about the fallacies. Revise the formulae in your mind. Basically make a mental map of all the stuff you have gone through.


So this week you revised and learnt from all your mistakes and gotten ready for the ultimate two weeks before the actual GMAT.

============== WEEK SEVEN ================

Day 43 :
Get your laptop/machine...preferably with a mouse. Collect your test materials...CDs and sit down with all your concentration. Its going to be long and better be prepared for it. And simply start. One test a day!

Day 44 : --do--

Day 45 : --do--

Day 46 : --do--

Day 47 : --do--

Day 48 : --do--

Day 49 :--do--

So basically you take a test each day and analyze it properly. Track your mistakes...not repeat them. Revise your formulae sheet.

============== WEEK EIGHT ================

Same as last week. After 14 tests just chill and go take the test....
I would recommend you to take the tests in the proper order. See my post on test strategies.


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