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November 02, 2008

Hi everyone!

I am really happy that you guys find my blog to be useful. In return for the overwhelming support and appreciation from you guys, I promise that it will be my constant endeavour to keep the blog updated and useful.

Few things I would share:

1. My download links ARE working now! E-mail me for anything else! I give you my word that I will revert.

2. I will start working on my website as soon as I am done with my CFA exams in December. You will have a host of new stuff there.

3. I am planning to make lecture videos. Hoping to give the coaching classes a run for their money. It will be free as usual and comprehensive. I need some time tho.

4. I will start playing with new features and widgets to enhance the usability of my proposed website. I need help from you guys who are good in php, web designing and things like that.

5. I feel that most of the GMAT related stuff is already there on this blog, but the prominent exclusion is post-GMAT related help. I will include MBA application section soon. I have helped my friends to get to their dream schools. One of my friend has made it to Tepper, CMU and I am proud to say that, I took care of everything right from GMAT(740)-TOEFL(109/120)-School Selection-Essays-Recos-Submissions-Visa Interviews-Flight Tickets. One of my friends who scored a 570 last yr came to me and again we had quite a success in that he scored a 670 this yr and got an ADMIT from ISB which is the only school he applied to. All the success/failure stories will go up here.

6. To update you about whats happening on my end : Prepping for the upcoming CFA L1. Starting Jan I will start prepping for my 2010 Fall Applications. Will require extensive reading, organization, school selection and eventually writing/re-writing essays and interview preparation (if i get the interview calls!)

7. Everything will go on the blog/website.

8. Why I write this blog? Because I believe in the fundamental values of education which says that it grows by sharing. I do just that.

Thanks for reading and all the mails/comments. All the best you guys!

And yes! Recession is good for the good and bad for the bad. So lets better ourselves!

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  1. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Its great to see that people like you are putting in so much effort for helping out all of us...all the best for your CFA and MBA apps.
    Thanks a lot Mukul
    eagerly waiting for your future posts

  2. Wow, I'm so excited about the CFA blog from you. Thanks. Good luck with ur CFA L1.

  3. Dude! Thats only gonna happen if I clear it! Too much pressure already...the reason I am taking it is cuz I suck at those things...anythin related to finance....i go crazy reading a finance magazine!

    keepin my fingers crossed. Thanks for the wishes!

  4. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Thank you so much for you blog. It helped me so much when I studied for the gmat. Your blog is an inspiration.

  5. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Great job overall with the blog Mukul. Just got a 740 on my GMAT and what I loved about your blog is that there is something for everybody! I personally didn't follow the exact routine that you'd chalked out(due to different schedules) but I loved the stories that you'd written about your experience as well as the mind set one should have while approaching the GMAT. The stories were both interesting to read and inspiring. Apart from that, the different sections on the blog make it useful for people to find what they're looking for easily(In my case, tips on RC). This might be the longest comment ever but just want to say that your blog was a big help and keep up the good work.

  6. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Mukul You Rock!!!

    I have trying to study for Gmat from last 3- 4 months.. I start and then always leave it in between. I just checked ur site. It has everything one could ever expect material, strategy and also preparation tips...Thanks Buddy Keep it GROWING more n more

  7. Anonymous3:02 AM

    So proud of u my lil bro.. didi here :-)

  8. wow! wat r u doin here on my blog! nice to kno that u look up my blog! :)

  9. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Hi Mukul,
    Brilliant work you have done on this site and I found it very useful.
    I have some queries though in AWA.
    Though I have followed the AWA pattern as mentioned in the 800 AWA guide, in my prev 2 attempts I could manage a score of only 4.0

    Could you please help me enhance this score in my upcoming attempt.

    Please send your suggestions at maualikhanpataudi@yahoo.com

    Thanks a ton!

  10. Anonymous12:04 AM

    Mukul , you will do great.. u have always made me proud, you are a wonderful person and the best brother one could have, i am sure a lot of people are wishing you great luck for your CFA..lots of love..
    ur Didi

  11. I believe that it is very important to touch the application side of GMAT. Lot of applicants, including me, are unaware of the process involved.
    Kudos again for making such an effort into this blog. Very helpful information indeed. Hoping for more to come......

  12. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Geat Work Dude!!

  13. Thanks for the encouragement! BTW CFA is over and I am just happy that its over! It didn go well btw...but its okay! I will clear it the next time for sure :-) too bad i cannot retake it in a month from now (unlike GMAT) :D

  14. Anonymous9:45 AM


    The OG Grid (10th ed) is an excellent strategy sheet.

    Do you by chance have the OG Sheet for the 11th edition?

    Thanks a ton for all that you do to help everyone.



  15. Anonymous11:23 AM

    gmat is just one part of the application or we can say that the objective one.
    however a number of things contribute to the completed application.
    u r doin a tremendous job mukul....i find very few ppl with the attitude of sharing knowledge..evry gmatter or mba aspirant is so confused at the beginning yours is a great initiative

  16. Anonymous9:52 AM

    That's great, man!
    Good to see you back, & know your status update. esp. #5.
    & comment from didi is priceless, right?

    Apparently I too started a new blog/site.
    All the best for your new site. c ya at twitter... then. ;)

  17. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Please could I have you email.I want to take the GMAT..and am so so stressed..and am gonna start to follow ur schedule..sounds great..
    my email is

    Am scared a lot about the CR.
    hope to hear from u soon...
    thanks alot.

  18. Hi, i recently decided to take the gmat. i'm grateful that there are people like you who continuously try to help people like me :) kudos! looking forward to the updates in your gmating.com!

  19. Anonymous6:04 AM


    I read your blog in 2007. Your article on your GMAT preparation schedule, motivated me a lot, but somewhere in between I lost confidence. I felt since I dont come from IIT background, getting into a good B-School will be difficult. I was working in a reputed IT company in Bangalore. Then I got married and came to UK in 2009, facing the worst recession ever.
    My husband kept prodding me to give GMAT, but I felt I will never make it. After almost 9 months of unemployment, I came back to your blog and read the same article that had inspired me so much.
    Now I am planning to give GMAT in May 2010. Though, my cirucmstances of unemployment should deter me all the more, your blog gives me the motivation to make a dedicated attempt.
    And something tells me, whatever my circumstance be, it is for a reason, which will unfold in due course of time.
    I wish you luck and send you tons of appreciation for 'sharing knowledge'.


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