Tuck Calling!

December 27, 2010

Yeah this post took longer than expected, but nevertheless it happened. Got into Tuck! Been feeling on top of the world these days :) Always saw myself in a school with a small batch size. And yes ivy league certainly adds to the appeal. Something about Tuck always gave me that feeling of belonging :)

Thanks to all of you for all the good wishes and blessings. Knowing that you guys always wished for my success makes this a very special accomplishment.


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  1. Congrats Mukul :) All the very best for the Tuck beginning !

  2. Super XL size Congrats, Mukul...Ur story has all it takes to inspire people like myself, I haven't been able to score well in my last attempt. Nevertheless, i won't give up and hold the fort.

  3. Hey Congrats dude !!
    not only for getting into TUCK
    but also fer being the creator of this wonderful/informative/to-the-point GMAT information site...

  4. Congrats Mukul ...

    Going thrugh you blog first time... very informative and helpful.

    I am trying to rekindle my desire for US MBA.... :) Need a lot of inspiration from guys like you

  5. Anonymous6:52 AM

    Congratulations Mukul... Wish you all the best in your career. And keep up this good work to guide people who are preparing for their GMAT.

  6. Congrats Mukul. This is Arun here. I have my D-day on 27th April. Fingers crossed. I am taking coaching from RACE GMAT Hyderabad. Thy are very very helpful. Let's see how it goes.


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