Tuck Admitted Students Weekend ASW

April 17, 2011

ASWome! Just came back from Tuck School of Business, University of Dartmouth in Hanover NH. And everything I have heard about Tuck is so true! And things I never heard about Tuck are so overwhelming too! Seriously guys I now know why B School Applications are so important. Because they know their stuff man. More than me, the adcom guys know that I am gonna be a great fit in their school. It was two days of immense fun, knowledge and caring. First thing you feel about Tuck is that everyone is so caring and so super helpful. It sounds cliched but thats how it is. They are all so passionate. I mean if you are not sure about Tuck, they are completely gonna rewire your brain. The place is like a Robert Frost's poem. The school looks as if it is a beacon of knowledge. The whole thing is fantastic. Nestled in the idyllic Hanover, it's a gem of a school.

And I don't know why no one hears so much about Tuck, when it is the best School in terms of placement and jobs. I am not kidding, it IS. Go check. Everyone gets a job, great jobs. Even in recession, everyone here was happy. People have 3 jobs with super awesome pays. The alum network is fantastic! I mean fantastic.

I will write more about it, the whole thing. Too tired after two days of driving around, drinking beer, attending sessions, lectures, events, dance parties, international lunches, student hosted dinners, etc etc :D

I am so sure that I am going to Tuck. And hell they even have financial aid without a cosigner now!!! Fantastic!

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